Anyone can do ordinary. We deliver the extraordinary.

In the past, we developed electrical systems for ports. We did it so well that we decided to do more.

Our solid, family roots set us apart on the Italian market from the beginning, making us a point of reference within our industry since 1977. But as we said, that was not enough. As the years passed, our skills and experience rapidly expanded with a different and new vision of the world, of problems and their solutions. 

We wanted to give our customers more of us, providing an innovative and comprehensive service with cutting-edge technologies.

We grew in numbers and professionalism:
70 employees, working in 8 countries, 150 customers worldwide.

We grew in content: from electrical and hydraulic systems to water treatment, fire protection systems, air conditioning systems (heating, refrigeration and air processing systems), to our new control and security business unit which projects and consolidates our customers in industry 4.0.

This is who we are, we like to take risks, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. We believe in people, genuine people, who don’t fear change and are willing to evolve with us. We strongly believe in our ideas and we personally take care of every aspect, from design to technical support.

Each process is meticulously delivered by the large and solid family enterprise that is Ceisis today. Innovation is not a goal to be achieved, but an indispensable perspective that allows ports, people and companies to grow. We didn’t want a future without light, so we decided to screw in a light bulb, enlightening those who are building that future day by day.
Alessandro Gigliotti
Managing Director
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

(Henry Ford)  
Marco Poggi
Technical Director and Sales Manager
We are what we make
Alessandro Sericano
Special Plants & New Technologies Business Unit Manager
Give us your wish list and we will find a solution. 
Lorenzo Fasce
Head of Procurement
A strong relationship and the respecting of agreements with the supplier, whom I consider a partner, make, in economic terms, much more than a single one-off saving..