Air condition

  • Multi-split inverter direct expansion systems, cooling only or heating pump, traditional or variable flow
  • Chilled water systems with hydronic terminals
  • Air cooled or water cooled refrigeration units (evaporating towers or remote condensers)
  • Chilled water absorption refrigeration units for industrial use

Heating systems

  • Thermal power stations with multi-fuel, modular, pre-mixing, condensing, variable flow boilers
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration plants
  • Geothermal plants
  • Solar panel plants
  • Biomass plants

Air processing systems

  • Outdoor and indoor air processing units
  • Static, rotary and hydraulic recovery systems
  • Absolute air filtration and UV sterilization
  • Integrated thermoregulatory systems and remote assistance
  • Water or steam humidification
  • Controlled overpressure systems for cleanrooms and operating theatres
  • Air duct systems with steel channels or polyurethane foam or fabric ducting
  • High inductive distribution and propagation systems with fabric ducting
  • Air duct cleaning and sanitizing
  • Integrated heat and energy management services