Since our establishment, we carry out 24/7 maintenance services to the plants and we guarantee optimal efficiency over the time by continuous supervising and monitoring each of our installations included the new ones taken over.

By staying true to our policy of improving and expanding our services, we pushed our consolidated maintenance service towards Facility Management. The goal of integrating not only plants but also more maintenance activities with other infrastructure management activities, responds to the customers’ needs to pursue their core business by fully outsourcing the Assets Management. Recent team experiences with companies in the sector have allowed us to confront each other on this level and with mutual satisfaction between Customer and supplier, we have started to build a wealth of experience that enriches our references.
We are sure that time and Customer satisfaction will confirm that this is the right way forward.
  • Control and optimization of plant system performance
  • Control and optimization of operating costs and energy consumption
  • Adaptation of plant systems to the regulations in force
  • Remote management and monitoring of plants
  • Maintenance standards according to UNI 10146 – UNI 10147 – UNI 10148 -UNI 10685 – UNI 9910 regulations
  • A highly qualified team for the maintenance and management of summer and winter air conditioning plants, “3rd manager” role, management of fluorinated gases
  • Maintenance and intervention in HV/MV/LV substations

An operational service of the highest quality and the certainty of punctual and clear administrative management.

Marco Poggi
Technical Director and Sales Manager